Conference 2020: Call for Papers and Posters

Unmasked: Reflections and Directions in Conservation
Date: 21st – 23rd of October 2020 Venue: TBC
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 31 July 2020

The NZCCM conference organising committee are pleased to announce a call for papers and
posters for our annual conference.
The events of 2020 have presented universal challenges to conservators across the globe and
offered a unique chance to pause and reflect, not just on these events, but our profession as a
whole. For this year’s theme, we invite papers to reflect on personal or institutional practices
and /or discussions on directions for conservation and collection care of heritage.
The act of conserving cultural heritage can be preventive, interventive or restorative. Each
project or object treatment is imbued with layers of decision-making and process. Often we are
too busy meeting deadlines to have the time to reflect on how and why we work as we do.
Possible themes for reflection include examining the evolution and efficacy of conservation in
your institution or investigate the role of the conservator in relation to other stakeholders.
Equally, you might wish to consider your approaches to a specific conservation treatment or
explore broader topical questions, such as the decolonization of heritage.
Many times our reflections lead us to new ways of working or this may be as a result of other
more immediate influences. Recent theoretical and applied developments in science are
offering insights and new directions, particularly in the areas of environmental standards and
guides and conservation science. Other topics for directions may include emergency
management, sustainability and outreach.
We would love to hear from you! To submit an abstract for a paper or poster please fill in the Conference Abstract Form and return it to the email on the form.